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Exploring the Bahamas

Swimming with pigs, sharks, and more

There's plenty of things you can't miss out on when planning your next trip to the Bahamas. Learn more in this article as I cover affordable places to stay (as well as some not so affordable places), how to get the most out of your adventurous side, and some low key resorts that actually were quite fun compared to their more well known counterparts. 

I'm Chelsea, another twenty-something solo female traveler who also happens to be a flight attendant. I took my first solo trip abroad in 2014 and have been chasing experiences ever since. Follow my adventures as I try to navigate around the world!

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A Day in Amsterdam

Anne Frank, canal tours, and side streets

I could only stay in Amsterdam for a short bit because of my layover, but I made the most of it: from navigating the city via its canal, to the Anne Frank House, read my story here.


Bedouin camps, getting lost, exploring tombs


Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon


Swimming with sharks and pigs

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